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Daft Punk Unveiling New Album In Wee Waa Australia

Apr 10th | categories: Music News

You read that headline correctly, Daft Punk will debut their forthcoming new album, Random Access Memories on May 17th in Wee Waa Australia, the country's "cotton capital" topping out at a population of 2,100. The Annual Wee Waa Show also packs a dog high jump, cross cut saw contest, and a baby show, alongside what will be a purpose built stage to give the record its big premier. Speculation leads the belief that the event will be broadcast online as well. The duo are also believed to be shooting a video or new promo photos with acclaimed photog/director Nabil Elderkin (best known for his work with Kanye West) that's his photo above from the set of the shoot. And that ladies and gentlemen, is your Daft Punk minute! More news tomorrow, I'm sure.



Daft Punk Unveiling New Album In Wee Waa Australia
| April 10, 2013 at 6:48PM
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