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Check it Out: Eddie Vedder's Firetruck

Nov 27th | categories: Music News

No, this is not some weird euphemism. Eddie Vedder does in fact own a vintage firetruck given to him by none other than Sean Penn (Not the only thing they share as Vedder soundtracked the Penn directed Into The Wild). The truck itself is fully restored from 1927 and is on display at the Ferry County Auto and Truck museum, which is located about 100 miles northwest of Spokane. Vedder loaned the truck to the museum at the encouragement of resident and longtime frient Bob Whittaker after struggling with where to store it. No word on if he'll be transporting his fireman's pole (also not a euphemism) to the museum anytime soon, but we'll keep you posted.
Photo via the PJ Forum


Check it Out: Eddie Vedder's Firetruck
| November 27, 2012 at 12:17PM
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