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Catapalooza! Paul the Cat Needs A Home

Aug 05th | categories: Animals, Awww, Local

So far so good, Chowder, my little dog, doesn't know I'm helping find homes for kitties. Seattle Humane does their part every day, but they're focusing their efforts and gearing up for a big event. This weekend isn't JUST Summer Camp, nope, it's also Catapalooza!

Meet Paul, a friendly 4-month-old orange and cream tabby. This friendly little bundle of love is waiting to greet you with purrs at the Seattle Humane Society. As with all kittens, Paul is a bundle of energy who’s ready to play, play, play! If you have a place in your home and your heart for a friendly kitty, then please come to the Seattle Humane Society today and meet Paul. You just may fall in love!

Chowder and I used to live with a little muffin of an orange tabby, Morris, and he was just the sweetest old man cat, ever.

You can help a little furball Saturday and Sunday from 10a-5p at Catapalooza:

Head to the Bellevue location and bring home a new furry pal! More details.



Catapalooza! Paul the Cat Needs A Home
| August 05, 2014 at 9:11AM
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| August 05, 2014 at 6:29PM
I am a volunteer here and have met many of these wonderful kitties. Sadly, everyone wants a kitten then they end up at the shelter 5 . I find that the older kitties are well-established into their personalities and they are full of love. It might be an age old tale but I must tell it again and again and hopefully more people will reach out and love an older cat. They deserve happiness after the fact that we humans bred them an propagated their kind. We have the responsibility to aid in their survival and control their numbers. We should love these creatures.

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