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Catapalooza! Help Flopper Find a Home!

Aug 07th | categories: Animals, Awww, Local

It turns out that Chowder, my little dog, can't read, so she has yet to see any posts about me helping kitties find good homes. I'm just trying to help little fuzzies find a lap to sit on or a human topaw at in the middle of the night, "hey, wake up, i'm hungry!" Seattle Humane does their part every day, but they're focusing their efforts and gearing up for a big event. This weekend isn't JUST Summer Camp, nope, it's also Catapalooza!

Meet Flopper, a 3-year-old friendly, white and orange fellow. Flopper is a sweetie-pie and loves to snuggle and interact with you... a great companion and he's a tall feline fellow at that! Flopper would love to be the apple of your eye and be a sole pet companion to your household. Playing and getting comfortable with you would be grand, so come meet him today at the Seattle Humane Society-- you'll be glad you did!

You can help a little furball Saturday and Sunday from 10a-5p at Catapalooza:

Head to the Bellevue location and bring home a new furry pal! More details.



Catapalooza! Help Flopper Find a Home!
| August 07, 2014 at 9:38AM
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