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Can A Serious Commercial Be The Best?

Feb 04th | categories: TV

We had some pretty fun times watching commercials during Sunday's game. Included were winners (some of which we saw the week before) like the Dorritos goat, I liked the Sketchers cheetah commercial, and of course the super weird Spanish version of We Are Young used in the Taco Bell commercial (scroll down to see that).

Does a commercial have to be funny to be the best? Can it just be powerful and win you over? The late Paul Harvey represented a dying era of radio with his long pauses, rich voice, and the quip "the rest of the story" that go back throughout my own childhood. Hearing him in a Dodge Ram commercial conjured powerful emotions:

Ok, so if you're busy talking about how you want the God out of your commercials or you're bored bc nothing's shooting lasers or yelling at you, fine. Not everyone is going to accept/relate to Paul Harvey's speech. If you're angry about it, maybe old people getting wild will be more your speed!



Can A Serious Commercial Be The Best?
| February 04, 2013 at 4:05PM
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Rod Jones
| February 04, 2013 at 8:12PM
Absolutely... A serious commercial can be the best. Dodge just proved it. Paul Harvey, God rest his soul, is awesome. What a powerful commercial.

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