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Boards Of Canada Unveil Mystery Clips/Numbers

Apr 23rd | categories: Music, Music News

Boards Of Canada are a Scottish electronic duo who's secrecy easily rivals that of the much more heavily publicized and celebrated Daft Punk. Their music however, could not be further from the high energy french house the robots have become known for. BOC craft a sound quite on point with their name, ambient IDM, infused with out of tune 80s synths and heavily stylized old drum machines, with contemporaries such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Autechre. Their tunes wouldn't be out of place in a film you saw in science class on a reel to reel machine.

The duo have been dormant since their last release in 2006, and despite occasional rampant speculation of a new album (some rumors even claiming the next release may be a double disc) we've heard nothing in 7 years. On RSD this weekend, that silence broke with the finding of an un-announced incredibly limited 7" (it's believed there are only 6, and just a single one making it's way to the United States) with a roughly 30 seconds of music followed by a set of 6 numbers. A blog located here has been keeping track of the full set and continues to update daily with new finding. It's believe there are 6 sets in total which so far have been revealed by vinyl, BBC Radio, and NPR which leaves us currently with "——/——/717228/936557/699742/519225".

We have no idea if this is a countdown or code, or what, but we will certainly keep you posted as this fantastic unveil continues to unfold (into what we can only imagine is a new album) Check out one of the clips below along with another tune from the fantastic BOC.



Boards Of Canada Unveil Mystery Clips/Numbers
| April 23, 2013 at 6:41PM
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