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Best (Worst) Portable Record Player!

Oct 22nd | categories: Awesome, Music, Nerd Stuff

In case you're ever walking down the street with a piece of sweet, possibly vintage vinyl in your hand, and you wanna further ruin it, then Soundwagon is for you! This little VW-esquewagon comes equipped with a small motor, needle and speaker. Plug in the 9 volt into little Frankenstein, send it racing around your record, and watch as the shitty needle/plastic tires amuse your friends while simultaneously ruing the grooves on your record. Still, it's pretty damn awesome/cute.

I feel like this is sorta the big, 500 years late FU to Copernicus, "oh yeah? well now the record player revolves around the record, dick".



Best (Worst) Portable Record Player!
| October 22, 2013 at 9:03AM
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