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Beer for Breakfast: The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur

May 16th | categories: Awesome, Beer For Breakfast

We've met a ton of cool beer people during this new bit of pre-weekend fun, Beer for Breakfast. Seattle Beer Week (which actually lasts 10 days and is still going) brings a ton of people from other cities up to drink, toast, and boast about beer.

We are super lucky to bs with the Lost Abbey's mastermind, Tomme Arthur, a man who brews some mean, corked beers. Using weird yeasts I've never heard like a mad scientist, Tomme creates amazing things at his San Diego brewery and brought a couple cool bottles by for Seattle Beer Week.

Lost Abbey Carnavale:
This beer, uses just enough funky yeasts to give it that cool Belgian saison flavor (look at me saying beer things). It's not over-powering in any way. It's crisp, light, and almost a bit citrusy. Even better, as it ages, it actually gets bolder and tastier thanks to some weird yeasts!

Lost Abbey Agave Maria
Wow. This is a bold, rich beer. Tomme told me about using tequila barrels in the process of making this dark spicy beer and it totally taste of Mexico's most popular spirit - no wonder since they're based out of San Diego. This inspired beer comes in a 12oz bottle to keep you from searching for a non-existent worm at the bottom!

Have a great weekend, and drive safely!



Beer for Breakfast: The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur
| May 16, 2014 at 11:54AM
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Helen Clarke
| May 21, 2014 at 10:51AM
As the mother of one of your young listeners, I am frankly dismayed and appalled that you think it is acceptable or even "cool" to drink beer for breakfast. As the widow of an alcoholic who regularly took his aggression out on me, it is perplexing that anyone with half a brain would glorify early morning drinking. You have blood on your hands!

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