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Beer For Breakfast: Schooner EXACT

Jun 13th | categories: Beer For Breakfast

A small brewery that started with a half-barrel system, brewing under the West Seattle Bridge, Schooner EXACT has grown into bigger quarters with a matching reputation. Some great northwest beers come from their SODO operation, and we took some time to taste em!

King Street Brown (WA, 5.5%)
This is a tasty English style brown ale. If bitter beer hops turn you off, this is the brew for you. It's a bit on the dry side thanks to a chocolateymalt with a bit of hazelnut in there. Since this dude comes in at 5.5%, you could finish off a 22oz of it and still be composed!

Hopvine IPA (WA, 6.1%)
Holy crap. This beer is incredible. For today at the least, it's my favorite local IPA. Phil, our beer expert, desribed it as drink fresh hop juice right off the vine! He's not joking, this beer packs a pop! It's not just bitter-central, nope, Hopvine balances three flavors of our stinky friend: Chinook, Columbus, and Citra hops. This beer smells SO AWESOME. It's got a lovely citrus smell but isn't too sweet when you drink it. I'm likely driving to Schooner EXACT today to get a growler filled for the weekend.

Enjoy drinking beers while you watch soccer, and remember if you do drink, get home safely!



Beer For Breakfast: Schooner EXACT
| June 13, 2014 at 11:27AM
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