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BABE ALERT: 90's hunks are as hunky as ever

Apr 12th | categories: Awesome, Funny, Music

Buzzfeed is the best. Always there to help you kill time at work with their great posts of usually humorous and ridiculous things. This one has to be my all time favorite. "31 HUNKS FROM 90S BANDS: THEN AND NOW". You bet your ass I clicked on that! Gavin Rossdale, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl and quite a few dudes you probably forgot about are all on there. Beck probably has to be my favorite. I WOULD OKAY? I WOULD. If you click here your day will get atleast 90% hunkier. You're welcome! ;)


BABE ALERT: 90's hunks are as hunky as ever
| April 12, 2013 at 12:30PM
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