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Arcade Fire Play Secret Show and New Material

Dec 03rd | categories: Music News

While expecatations for a new Arcade Fire album land somewhere in 2013, the band took the stage over the weekend at a secret Montreal show, billed as Les Indetiks to preview new songs for 100 or so lucky friends + family + randos. Rules were explicit about no photos or recordings of any kind (one fans phone even being thrown against the wall for attempting to take a picture) but reports of the sound of the material have leaked out regardless. The new materiall was described as "Fun, Dancy, Groovy". Whatever that means. The show was also said to have been recorded by the band, but no word on what that entails, or if any realease is planned at all. We'll keep you posted on updated.



Arcade Fire Play Secret Show and New Material
| December 03, 2012 at 10:39AM
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