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An open letter to Hollywood re: remakes.

Apr 04th | categories: Funny

Dear Hollywood,

We've taken a lot from role models that turned into much less, reality tv, even Ashton Kutcher...yet its now that I felt compelled to write because of your horrible remake might be worse than your drug habit which is saying something :/

We found out you are remaking Blue Lagoon...Seriously? Is this really a story that is worthy of a third installment? Better yet, do you really think you're going to get $10 out of us for this movie?

Sure Chris Atkins was delicious in a banana hammock however it's not enough to hold up. (no pun intended)

Please consider your remake philosophy...why not remake crap movies?? It will give you the chance to do some of them right. Surely Costner had something else in mind for the finished product of Waterworld.

Think about it.



ps - in my hunt to find a pic of Christopher Atkins, I found this tribute to him, "the first naked teen idol"'re welcome.



An open letter to Hollywood re: remakes.
| April 04, 2012 at 8:58AM
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