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Amazon pulled a Chris Brown, kinda. (not really)

Mar 04th | categories: Local, News, NSFW

Turns out you can sell just about anything on Amazon, well until the internet finds out and tells on you. Amazon UK had shirts for sale that read "Keep Calm and Rape On" as well as "Keep Calm and Hit Her", both are a take on the British slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On" which remains very popular on Tumblr. Obviously Amazon took down the shirts from their site immediately, but they claim the shirts don't even exist and that a computer generated those images and they had no idea. Kinda scary that a computer could do something like that. More details on this story can be found here. Should Amazon be held responsible for selling such offensive items?


Amazon pulled a Chris Brown, kinda. (not really)
| March 04, 2013 at 2:36PM
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