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Alt-J at the Neptune Theater 04.06.13

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Alt-J fans waited outside with cash in hand hoping to find a scalper with an elusive ticket to get inside the Neptune Theater Saturday night. With incense burning near the back of the stage the band seemed to be in their own world oozing in and out of each song with a somewhat mellow flow. I was running to and from all sides of the Neptune trying to capture some photographs. The mood in the crowd seemed different in each area I visited. Of course the hard core fans that fought their way to the front were singing along to every song, dancing, bumping and grinding and all that fun stuff. In the bar many were focused on private conversations which is always a bit awkward in a small venue like this, then upstairs in the balcony people were sitting quietly and watching the show as though it were a movie. I can't say it was the most powerful performance I have ever seen but I can say that their sound is unique. Joe Newman has a voice that is like none I've heard before and every time I hear Breezeblocks or Fitzpleasure on the radio I turn it up and make a mental note to buy their album.

The buzz about Alt-J is undeniable and I can say with reasonable confidence that was probably the last time we'll see these guys at a venue as intimate as the Neptune in Seattle.

-Mat Hayward

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Hundred Waters from Florida opened the night. Lead singer, flautist and keyboardist Nicole Miglis had my attention right off the bat. Beautiful, rich vocals and hypnotic songs made the band a great fit for Alt-J. After this tour they will begin traveling the globe with the XX with a stop at Sasquatch in the middle.


Alt-J at the Neptune Theater 04.06.13
| April 07, 2013 at 11:15AM
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| April 07, 2013 at 1:23PM
I was one of the unfortunate shmucks who really wanted to see this show but got left out in the cold for not getting tix early. It especially kills to know, as Hayward said, we probably will not be seeing them in this type of intimate venue in seattle again. I wanted to lick my wounds by reading a good, thorough review of the show today but alas, all that could be found was this brief overview of the show atmosphere from someone who doesn't even own the transcendent album An Awesome Wave. To say I am disappointed by this review from the station that turned me on to this outstanding band is an understatement at best. Hayward, no offense, good effort.

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