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Alarming Statistic Seattle Isn't Proud Of

Jan 09th | categories: Local

As a port city along the west coast of the USA, we're lucky to have killer stuff off our shores: big blubbery orcas, OTTERS, air craft carriers, surfing, seastars and more.

Of course with all that awesome stuff comes the negative side. I had no idea that Seattle is a top 5 city in the US for human trafficking. F!

Washington gvt seems to be working diligently to make the situation improve. Good. I'm glad that people we vote for are doing something to make humans safer, keeping those at risk away from sex-slavery and other human bondage situations. A group of theatre nerds want to raise awareness on a community level with a human touch. Dry Bones Collective perform a touching piece about the toll of humans trapped in this dark world. See them this weekend at the Shoreline Community College performing "Costly Desires".

Costly Desires
Friday & Saturday (1/10-1/11)
Shoreline Community College
16101 Greenwood Ave N



Alarming Statistic Seattle Isn't Proud Of
| January 09, 2014 at 7:22AM
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