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A Whole Exhibit Dedicated to Video Games

Feb 11th | categories: Local, Nerd Stuff

In highschool math, did you ever have cool games installed on your graphing calculator? What was the drug dealing game that the prison school board would have been furious to know we were playing? Ah yes, Drugwars. Ok, so the EMP probably isn't gonna focus on that one in their new exhibit The Art of Video Games.

Beginning with a party on Friday night and the official launch Saturday, 2/16, you can lose yourself in the world of nerdery and gaming at the EMP!

ZOMG! They're totally talking about the things of my childhood from 8-bit gaming to The Secret of Monkey Island in STUNNING 256 colors :D. I didn't know that Lucasfilm brought the grog filled joy of that particular title. More info.


A Whole Exhibit
| February 11, 2013 at 3:37PM
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