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A Perfect Viking Memorial for GWAR Frontman

Aug 18th | categories: Awesome, Video

Earlier this year, the world of ridiculousness and metal lost GWAR frontman Dave Brockie to drugs. He was given a proper American-style funeral for friends and family in April, but his bandmates waited to share a public memorial with fans until... (read in monster truck voice) the Fifth Annual GWAR-B-Q!!!

In true over the top, GWAR style, OderusUrungus (Brockie's incredible stage name) was memorialized when his awesomely grotesque costume was set afloat mid-que, and shot with a flaming arrow from shore - a proper Viking funeral. It's awesome:

It continues here from across the lake:

RIP Dave Brockie. You went out too soon.



A Perfect Viking Memorial for GWAR Frontman
| August 18, 2014 at 8:49AM
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| August 18, 2014 at 11:35AM
Lo, do I see my Father...

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