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      Nerd Talk Is Making Babies... With Science!

      Feb 26th | categories: Nerd Talk

      NERD TALK 1. Forget meeting babes and dudes on Tinder, it's time to start swiping for cute pets. 2. Good news for a couple men who want to be dads without getting an egg involved. 3. Google AI got really good at classic video games. next will... Read More

      Nerd Talk is Headed To Godzilla Hotel

      Feb 25th | categories:

      NERD TALK 1. No longer will the "you didn't read the books" crowd have you beat at GoT. 2. So, evidently many penguins can't even taste fish. Idiots. 3. Godzilla hotel. Yup.

      Nerd Talk: Robot Racing on the Moon!

      Feb 24th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

      NERD TALK 1. Preserved body inside a buddha statue! 2. Time to diversify your emoji. 3. X-Prize racing robots on the moon.