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      Our Dumb Podcast: Tequila Donkey Juice

      May 23rd | categories: Awesome, Podcast

      We welcome one of the dummies, No Doy, to come in and take our abuse - don't worry, he got some nuggets out of it. OH YEAH! There's a big surprise this week, too! Subscribe to Our Dumb Podcast on iTunes, dummy - or, listen on Stitcher.

      Nerd Talk and the Nintendo World Championships in WA

      May 21st | categories: Nerd Talk, Video Games

      Seriously, after 25 years, the Nintendo World Championships are back and Fred Savage is pumped! NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Nintendo World Championships are back! 2. Now that's a hella thin tv. 3. First WA dinosaur discovered!!

      Full 90 Extra Time - Ross Wishes I Wasn't So Dumb

      May 21st | categories: Awesome, Podcast, Seattle Sports

      Ross is baffled by how stupid I am - specifically at telling time. We're recapping an insane weekend for Chad Barrett who scored a pair of awesome goals, the end of a super long road trip, and finally the Sounders are back at Century Link! Plus, all... Read More