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      Gimme 5@5 7/28

      Jul 28th | categories:

      5- Cold War Kids - First 4- George Ezra - Blame it on Me 3- Meg Myers - Yellow Eyes 2- Houndmouth - Sedona 1- Foals - Mountain at my Gates

      END RECOMMENDS: Rock The Boat

      Jul 28th | categories: Live, Local, Locals Only, Music

      My Locals Only co-host, Steven is doing such great things for the music scene up in Everett! He founded the Everett Music Initiative awhile back and has been putting on incredible shows ever since. Coming up this Saturday, August 1st ... well, it may be... Read More

      Nerd Talk: Less Murder-y Robots, Please.

      Jul 28th | categories: Nerd Talk

      Seriously, it's about damn time that a group of the smartest people on the planet got together to be like, "hey dummies, if you make robots good at killing humans, they will eventually turn on you and ruin things - you know the exact plot to... Read More