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      It's that time of year again....

      Sep 02nd | categories: Local, Seattle Sports

      It's finally September in Seattle and that means Seahawks-mania is about to take over. Everyone you know will be busy on Sundays from here on out. Green and blue colors will be everywhere you look. And your best friend in San Francisco probably... Read More

      Listen: Hear a Clip from a New Foo Fighters Song!

      Sep 02nd | categories: Awesome, Music News, New Music Discovery

      It may only be a 6 second vine clip, but I hear lots of noise, guitars, and general awesomeness coming form this cool looking record player! The head of music at Twitter, yes that's still a thing I guess, anyway, the dude in charge of music at... Read More

      Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails at Sleep Country Amphitheater in Ridgefield, WA

      Aug 31st | categories: Awesome, Live, Music

      In what can only be described as an unusual turn of events, I found myself making the 6 hour drive (thanks to labor day traffic) to Ridgefield, Washington on Friday night to see two of my favorite bands perform at the Sleep Country Amphitheater.á... Read More