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      Locals Only Artist of the Month: Duke Evers

      Sep 01st | categories: Locals Only, Music, Music Video

      Seattle has long been a frontier town that attracts musicians who want to invent and reinvent – from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to the next unnamed musical star. While the sound may change from decade to decade, the Northwest's music scene is as... Read More

      Nerdy 90's Flashback

      Sep 01st | categories: Awesome

      While taking a weekend to go home and see my old man, I had the opportunity to relive a bunch of my childhood - the 90's. Poor ol' Tom, his house is trapped in this weird 90's and earlier time warp. I guess when you're an old dude and the kids leave... Read More

      5 Things That DID Suck at the MTV VMAs

      Aug 31st | categories: Music, Music News, Music Video

      elliott brown
      Earlier today, Pepper wrote a great blog about the 5 things that didn't suck about the MTV VMAs last night. You should read it because she really did find some very cool moments. She's the best. áI, on the other hand, am the worst, and... Read More