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      Gimme 5@5 4/24

      Apr 24th | categories:

      5- Matt and Kim - Get It 4- Saint Motel - My Type 3- Mumford and Sons - The Wolf 2- Wild Party - Outright 1- Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart

      Nerd Talk's Driving Across the Country with a Robot

      Apr 24th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

      And it doesn' even have to stop to pee! NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. happy birthday hubble, you're 25! Take more selfies already. 2. YouTube just turned 10 - first video was so lame... 3. Car drove itself from SF to NYC, didn't bring back a hat... Read More

      10 Reasons Why You Should Come To The Taco Truck Challenge

      Apr 23rd | categories: Food, Local, Taco Truck Challenge

      1. Tacos, duh! 2. You get to hang out with us weirdos from The End 3. It's at Volunteer Park, which is totally beautiful (Even on a rainy day...) 4. Wild Party - These dudes sound exactly like their band name - Should be so much fun! 5.... Read More