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7 Year Old Cancer Patient's Touchdown Run

Apr 09th | categories: Awesome, Video

Though we're pretty far from football season, most university teams have a spring game to get players out on the field and do football stuff. Look, I don't know what the hell they do out there. I like baseball.

The people at the University of Nebraska - a state/school I know/care little about - demonstrated the heart often forgotten in the snotty, down-our-noses description of the jocks we grew up with. The school invited 7 year old cancer patient, Jack Hoffman, to join the team on field in a special moment. Good luck not getting teary eyed:

The school deserves the respect showered upon it following this magnanimous display. For me, the players and their participation in the event means the most. Bringing the kid onto the field, running down the sidelines, front-flipping into the endzone and, finally, raising Jack up amongst a scrum of adjulation demonstrates the class expected of such a university.

Good on you, Cornhuskers.

Greg R


7 Year Old Cancer Patient's Touchdown Run
| April 09, 2013 at 2:33PM
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