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5 Sasquatch Artists You Dont Know And Cant Miss

Feb 05th | categories: Music News

Look, out of the gate I'm more than willing to be transparent that this is basically a "Bryce's top 5 at Sasquatch" list, but that doesn't mean you shuoldn't push your boundaries and get down to some dance music, good old fashioned 80s pop, and hip- hop.

5) Kicking things off is Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt (yes, the earl from those "free earl" t-shirts). He's back from Africa and he's working on his debut, no word on when it's out or what amazing features it'll have but if this track "Chum" is anything to go by, it's going to be pretty killer (plus his solo set won't have the other 400 members running around onstage shouting over him).

4) Solange is Beyonce's sister, but the relation is about where they begin and end. Solange is signed to Terrible records, who you may be familiar with if you're a Grizzly Bear fan as local boy and bassist Chris Taylor co-founded the label. Her sound rocks the 80's sheen well and who knows, maybe big sis will be watching her set from behind the curtain.

3) Holy Ghost! Are officially going to fill the space in your heart that LCD Soundsystem left upon retirment. Signed to James Muprhy's DFA Records, Holy Ghost! pump out jam after jam of analog synth action that you can't help but shake your ass to. Their latest track "It Gets Dark" previews what we can only hope will be a new album from the band this year...

2) Here's where things get really dancy. Disclosure are a young duo from UK that have just erupted out of nowhere with tracks unlike anything we've heard in recent years, doing a number on the house music scene and finding airplay even on our Saturday night Ultrasound sessions. Don't miss these kids before they're playing the mainstage in robot suits in years to come.

1) John Talabot. If you've ever been stoned at a record store, you know you're kinda trapped there for hours no matter what. But what does it mean when a song comes on as you're leaving, and then you just hang out in the store for another hour till the album ends? It means it's something really special. That special is John Talabot and he is coming to the Gorge. Bring your game face and maybe a little pot brownie if you're into that.



5 Sasquatch Artists You Dont Know And Cant Miss
| February 05, 2013 at 12:29PM
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