The 2 Minute Promise

Half the Commercials than All the Other Seattle Radio Stations

August 1, 2015

We asked you how we can be a better station, and you gave us great suggestions.

First, you told us to play more new music because it’s one of the biggest reasons you listen to The End. We’ve stepped it up and will continue to into the future. We take pride in being the new music leader and the destination for Seattle’s New Music Discovery.

You also told us that there are too many commercials on the radio, and the commercial breaks take too long. We heard you, and we’re going to do something about it. We've taken half of our commercials off the air, and we’ll never play more than 2 minutes of commercials at a time. We call it the 2 Minute Promise ® – we promise to get you back to the music faster and play more music every hour.

From the beginning in 1991, The End has always been a leader and an innovator, and you expect us to be different from other Seattle radio stations.

The 2 Minute Promise ® is a bold, unconventional and groundbreaking way to present radio and The End is the first station in the country to do this.

Your direction brought us to this to this exciting point, and we welcome your continued feedback. 

We made the 2 Minute Promise ® and we’ll keep it.

Thanks for listening!



Q. Why did you change?

A. We asked our listeners for feedback to help us understand what they really want from The End today. The #1 issue we heard was that there are too many commercials and they usually run in long blocks at the same time. We will provide the same programming – great Alternative music, new music discovery, knowledgeable and radio personalities, and everything that’s unique about the Seattle music and entertainment scene – in a way that makes it easier for you to enjoy. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q. Will there be more commercial breaks?

A. We promise to play half the commercials that the other radio stations in Seattle play, so you’ll get to hear even more End music.

Q. Haven’t you done something like this before?

A. The #2MinutePromise® is groundbreaking. We are the only radio station in Seattle and the first radio station in the country to do this. We’ll play half the commercials that the other stations in Seattle play and only for 2 minutes at a time.

Q. Why do you keep talking about it?

A. Who doesn’t like good news? We’re excited and want to let everyone know. 

Q. If you’re cutting back on commercials, does this mean you’re cutting back on other things, too? Shows? DJs?

A. The only thing we’ve changed is playing more music, playing fewer commercials and the length of time we play them for. Your favorite End music will still be here along with your favorite End personalities and events.

Q. Why do you keep stopping even for short periods of time. Why not get it over with at one time and then play music?

A. Short commercial breaks are really easy to sit through. They also help highlight the sponsors who are helping make this change possible. We are excited to work with our advertisers on such an innovative approach and thank them for coming with us for this bold move!

Q. Why should I care?

A. We hope you care that you get even more great new music discovery each hour with fewer interruptions.

Q. Radio stations makes changes all the time. How long will you actually stick with this?

A. We are committed to this change and we’re in it for the long haul.

Q. So what does this mean for me?

A. Part of our #2MinutePromise® is to ensure that our listeners benefit from this innovative approach of playing you even more music. We’re excited about The End being not only Seattle’s new music leader, but also the leader in this new way to create radio!