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      Check out 43 of Seattle's secret hangouts!

      Jul 22nd | categories: Art, Awesome, Food, Local

      Seattle Magazine recently posted a really cool article called "43 Places Around Seattle We Bet You Didn't Know About" and you know what? They were kinda right! I didn't even know that half of these places existed. There's bars, restaurants,... Read More

      WA Wildfires and How You Can Help

      Jul 22nd | categories: Local

      Our hearts go out to those affected by the Eastern Washington Wildfires. After a wet spring led to a ton of growth, the hot and dry summer has created a tinderbox for wildfires. Assistance is needed and urgent! For updates and information on how you can... Read More

      WATCH: Spoon "Do You"

      Jul 21st | categories: Music, Music Video, New Music Discovery

      Spoon is back and releasing new music!!! Yes, that sentence deserved several exclamation points. It's gonna be a busy week for Spoon. The band will be playing this weekend's Capitol Hill Block Party, they're our Discover & Download artist... Read More