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      Gimme 5@5 9/18

      Sep 18th | categories: Music

      5- Black Keys - Gotta Get Away 4- Royal Blood - Figure it Out 3- Meg Myers - Desire 2- Kongos - I'm Only Joking 1- Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?

      We Crashed an Open Mic Night With Meg Myers

      Last week Pepper and I went to Mix in Georgetown to check out their open mic night and decided to bring our friend Meg Myers along. Turns out she is as talented as she is beautiful, and left the place stunned. Check out this AMAZING version of Desire,... Read More

      Dan Rather Interviews Jack White, It's Awesome.

      Sep 18th | categories: Interview, TV, Video

      The more that Jack White lets us into his world, the more interesting he becomes and fascinated I grow. He's a smart dude fueled by a specific ideology from his youth like any of us - he's just done a better job staying mysterious. There must be... Read More