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      So, You're In Seattle: Erin Tate

      Jul 11th | categories: Awesome, Interview, Locals Only

      I don't know what happened where I became friends with someone as cool as the drummer from Minus the Bear, Erin Tate. He's the best. He's in my mind what it means to be a dirty Seattle musician. Every time I run into this butt, one of the... Read More

      There's so much going on this weekend!

      Jul 11th | categories: Awesome, Local

      If you're staying in town this weekend (and you should, it's going to be beautiful!) you have a big problem: deciding what to do! There's seriously so much happening in our city. For starters, we'll be hanging out in Pioneer Square on... Read More

      Legal Weed = CGI Richard Sherman Smoking a Joint, Riding a Bald Eagle

      Jul 11th | categories: Funny, Local, Video

      In the latest of those strange Taiwanese CGI animations of the news, the world can take a look at legal cannabis in WA. It is ridiculous. Even the bald eagle was smoking a giant Cuban cigar-sized joint. Also, Starblunts, Seattle SuperChronics, and... Read More