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      So, You're in Seattle... Marco Collins & Marq Evans

      May 29th | categories: Interview, Locals Only, Podcast

      I can't imagine what it must be like to have a film made about your life. Marco Collins is a name synonymous with 1077 The End. in the formative days of alternative radio, Marco found himself breaking bands that went on to have huge, sometimes tragic... Read More

      Sasquatch! Music Festival @ The Gorge Amphitheatre Sunday and Monday 2015

      May 28th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music, Sasquatch

      Memorial Day Weekend at the Gorge was the place to be! What a great 4 days of music! All four days were so much fun. Check out some highlights below. -Mat Hayward My Facebook Page is: HERE Sometimes I Tweet too: @MatHaywardPhoto Of the four... Read More

      Nerd Talk: Grow Your Own Cheeseburger!

      May 27th | categories: Nerd Talk

      I've always wanted a cheeseburger tree..... NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Getting an infection can make you dumb for a LONG TIME. 2. Forget normal vision, or lasik - this doctor wants to implant you with super vision! 3. Would you eat a burger... Read More